Temperatures Up, Prices Down!

Hey everyone! Yes, it is summer and we have finally found the hot weather. But we have not been lazing in the heat over here at Gourmet. We have been very busy finding ways to make your summer better, and the best way to start that is to let you know that we have been successful at negotiating a coffee price decrease from over half of our roast partners! What does that mean for you? It means that about 60% of you will see a decrease on your coffee bills starting about mid August. We are still hammering away at the laggards and hope that we can affect all, but you can be confident that if we feel we can get you great coffee and save you some money, we will be in touch to talk about getting you some fantastic coffee samples.

A nice side benefit to our focus on getting product costs down is that we are happy to announce that Coffee Mate 311 gram whitener has been reduced by 10% effective July 22nd. Please watch for more great price updates over the summer as we are not nearly done!!

Have a great week!

we can get you great coffee and save you some money