Support #Winnipeg #Businesses

I have noticed growing support/groundswell for a tweet that originated as Support #Winnipeg #Businesses. What I am missing from it is how we actually do this. The thought is nice and certainly one we support, but what is the next step? We do support and purchase goods from a couple of the companies mentioned, but what are all of us doing to move from polite intent to action? Is there a mode of reciprocation that can be established? Some type of online introduction to people we think we might be able to purchase from or sell to? I am not sure of the best forum but feel that action is better than discussion, so if any Winnipeg business feels they have something to offer, I suggest they tweet that back to us and get the ball rolling for at least a discussion of what could be. Let’s try to make the next popular tweet about the successes of being Winnipeg Bold!!

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