Batch Brewers

Whether your business has 15 or 500 employees, brewing by the pot (or thermal carafe!) is a great way to fuel your workplace. Batch brewers are the most eco-friendly and efficient way to provide great coffee to your staff. The classic batch brewer is no longer the symbol of bland coffee – today, your favourite top of the line brands are packaging coffee specially for office coffee brewing. Starbucks, Authentic Donut Shop Blend and Reunion Island are just a few favourites.

  • Improve productivity – a caffeinated staff is a happy staff.
  • Encourage coffee breaks – office coffee machines tend to be a hub of conversation & a nice setting for breaks.
  • Save time – today’s office coffee machines make premium coffee. Why go out for a coffee when you can stay in and save out of office time? 
  • Coffee, at your service – No need to wait in line at the coffee shop, a pot of coffee in a batch brewer is ready to drink in just a few minutes.
  • Set it and forget it – Press start and walk away! No need to keep an eye on it, unless you just can’t wait to get that first cup!