Coffee Brewing

Today’s technology has changed the way you brew, creating more options than ever before. Each method will bring its own unique benefits to your workplace. We will work closely with you to ensure that our equipment offerings are customized to what best suits your company.

Batch Brewing

Whether you want to brew for 8 or 80, using a batch brewer is an efficient and economical way to brew. Energy efficient models that only heat water as it is needed paired with energy saving modes can reduce energy consumption by up to 70%. Thermal carafes keep coffee hot & fresh for up to 4 hours can reduce waste by up to 25%.

Batch Brewers

Bean to Cup Brewing

There is nothing quite like a cup of coffee made from freshly ground beans. Combine additional beverages like hot chocolate and other soluble options and it is almost as if you have a barista in your breakroom. Because bean to cup brewers use bulk packages of coffee & other products, they are naturally less wasteful. Many models do not use filter paper, further reducing their environmental impact.

Bean to Cup

Zero Waste Pod Brewers

Brewing by the cup doesn’t have to break your company’s budget or harm the environment when you brew with a soft pod brewer. Brewing with 100% compostable pods means all of the benefits of cartridge style brewers without the negatives. Plus, zero waste pods cost about 10% less than their plastic counterparts, helping your bottom line.

Zero Waste Pod Brewers

Keurig Brewers

About 20 years ago, Keurig revolutionized how workplaces brewed coffee. The cartridge style allows everyone to brew their favourite coffee, tea or hot beverage in less than a minute.