7 Reasons the Coffee at Your Office Might Taste Bad

It’s no secret that coffee in the workplace has a reputation for tasting down right horrible. And while that reputation was earned years ago, it doesn’t have to be that way. Good news – many of these reasons can be easily & inexpensively resolved. Solving the mystery of why the coffee at your office is terrible doesn’t need to be … Read More

3 Reasons Why You Should Use an Office Coffee Service

The explosion of the internet has brought easy access to many items that we didn’t have before.  You can now search and shop for all sorts of coffees and brewing equipment with just a few strokes on your keyboard or by asking a voice-controlled assistant. So why shouldn’t you buy your own brewer and coffees for your workplace? Here are … Read More

10 Per Cent Tariff Increase on Items Entering Canada

PepsiCo Beverages Canada announced that at the end of July it raised prices by roughly a penny per can, in response to the increase in the price for aluminum: Canadians should also be prepared to pay more for products such as chocolate, convenience foods and hygienic/toilet articles. As of July 1st, 2018 the following goods were hit with 10 per … Read More

Torrey Bomhoff – Customer Relationship Specialist Extraordinaire

I am very pleased to announce that Torrey Bomhoff will be moving into a new role as a Client Relationship Specialist within our Business Development Team effective immediately. Torrey moves into this role with more than 6 years of experience as a Sales & Marketing Coordinator with Gourmet. Her new role will include working directly with a large group of … Read More

Join Our Customer Service Team

Gourmet Coffee Specialists, Manitoba’s leading office coffee & supply service, is looking for someone to join our Customer Service team! A core element of our commitment to our customers is offering flexible, personalized service. To accomplish this, we rely on Professional Customer Service Representatives. While key components of your duties include delivering products and onsite maintenance of cutting edge coffee … Read More

New Look, Same Old Gourmet

Over the past several months, we have been working tirelessly to update our online presence, mainly our website & e-store. As we moved through these projects, there was this little voice we kept hearing saying that our logo didn’t quite fit in with who we are today. After much thought and discussion, we decided to update our logo. It was … Read More

Coffee Price Increase

As you may have read in our blog post a few months back, the green coffee market has been and continues to be driven higher by many different factors. We have received notice from our roast partners indicating that because of the current state of the green coffee market, our costs are going up. Because of the severity of these … Read More

Is an Increase Brewing?

As you may be aware, coffee is bought and sold on the commodities market, similar to the way that the barrels of oil used to make gasoline are. When coffee is traded, it is still in its green (unroasted) form, just like the oil bought in its unprocessed state. This is why the market where coffee is traded is referred … Read More

Support #Winnipeg #Businesses

I have noticed growing support/groundswell for a tweet that originated as Support #Winnipeg #Businesses. What I am missing from it is how we actually do this. The thought is nice and certainly one we support, but what is the next step? We do support and purchase goods from a couple of the companies mentioned, but what are all of us … Read More

Earning Business Back

It’s always rewarding when you earn a customer’s business back, not by offering something new or lower pricing but simply what you offered previously! Thankfully, we don’t lose a lot of business, but when it does happen, we always part ways on good terms with the hopes of earning that business back some day. I thought I would share one … Read More