3 Reasons Why You Should Use an Office Coffee Service

The explosion of the internet has brought easy access to many items that we didn’t have before.  You can now search and shop for all sorts of coffees and brewing equipment with just a few strokes on your keyboard or by asking a voice-controlled assistant. So why shouldn’t you buy your own brewer and coffees for your workplace? Here are 3 reasons to use an office coffee service instead of doing it yourself.

Equipment That Stands Up

While there are so many amazing coffee brewers available for your home these days, they aren’t built for keeping up with the daily grind in most offices. Most of them can’t be repaired when they break down, which means you’ll need to purchase another one to get your workplace caffeinated again. Using an office coffee service means commercial grade brewing equipment that will stand up to the hustle & bustle of a busy workplace. Many office coffee services will send out a service technician trained to repair the brewing equipment at your location at no additional cost to you.

Smart Investments

Business units are often competing for attention in the form of money to invest in the technology, infrastructure and people needed to operate your business. These expenditures should be the priority, not purchasing coffee brewing equipment.  Why tie up your capital in a coffee brewer that may not match your needs and wants in the months and years to come? Using an office coffee service means access to state-of-the-art equipment that can change as your business changes, without having to source new equipment and sell the old.

Focus on Your Work

Your employees have enough to do to operate your business. Running around to different big box stores to stock the break room is not the best use of their time. Neither is planning for who is going to do today’s coffee shop run (collecting the orders, going to get the coffee and then starting their break). Using the right office coffee service means a one stop shop for all your break room needs and great coffee to keep your staff focused on working for your business.

Coffee is the lifeblood of today’s businesses. Using an office coffee service allows everyone to focus what they do best – you and your team on growing your business and the office coffee service on keeping you fueled for whatever the workday throws at you.

Coffee is the lifeblood of today’s businesses. Using an office coffee service allows everyone to focus what they do best