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Thursday Jun 10 2010

In times of tragedy, we all look to those on the front-line to help us out...firefighters, police officers, paramedics, doctors, and nurses.  But when many of these heroes step in to help us out, they rely on people who have given of themselves long before this time of need was present.  These people are heroes too, for truly giving of themselves, giving their blood and bone marrow.  On April 22, 2010, a celebration was held by Canadian Blood Services to honour those who had reached very significant donation milestones and we are very proud of Brent Hamel who was recognized for reaching 100 donations.  While completing something 100 times is not the easiest of feats, when taken into consideration that you can only give blood only every 56 days, the most one person can donate is 6 times a year.  That means it takes almost 17 years to reach 100 donations.  And how many of us can say that they have done something that has truly made a difference in not one, but many peoples lives for 17 years?  In Brent's case, it too him a great deal longer than 17 years as when he first started donating blood, you were only permitted to do so every 90 days.  This was later changed to every 70 days and more recently changed to 56 days.  As The Honourable Phillip S.  Lee, Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba said during the ceremony, "We are all fortunate to live in Manitoba and Canada.  We have all been given gifts of freedom and prosperity passed on to us by the generations that came before us.  And as citizens of planet earth, we have been given the most basic gift.  You, as blood and bone marrow donors, have a beautiful way of responding to that." 

On behalf of all those who you have helped and the lives of those they have touched, thank you Brent for giving so much of yourself.

To find more about Canadian Blood Services, please visit their website.

Click here to read the full remarks of Lieutenant Governor Lee and the pictures of Brent and the other honourees.


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