Benefits Of Great Office Coffee

Coffee isn’t just a commodity to us. It’s the fuel powering your workplace and a vehicle for connecting your staff, breaking down silos & barriers between departments, increasing creativity, turning your breakrooms and boardrooms into innovation incubators and enhancing your corporate culture.

Ordering As Simple As


Place your order online or call in and speak with our knowledgeable staff. We have almost as many ways for you to place your order as we do coffees! 


Your order is delivered the next business day* and rush orders are available when needed. With every delivery, your brewing equipment is cleaned & coffee servers are exchanged.


Return to your regularly scheduled job. Enjoy a mug of your favourite coffee or tea. Repeat until it's time for your next order.

Our Clients

“I would never have thought that our team would appreciate getting the high quality coffee we get from Gourmet as much as they do! The staff love the new coffee maker and it was quick and easy for Gourmet to come in and set up their system.”

- Eric J. @ Carlyle Printers, Sales & Service

“Gourmet Coffee has been servicing our company for over 15 years, and they still treat us like we are their only customer! Staff is friendly and treats us like family, with every concern of ours, they are practically here before we hang up the phone!”

- Crystal J. @ Standard Manufacturers

"We’re really happy to deal with a company that supports environmental sustainability by providing 100% compostable brewing options. This has been a real benefit for an office our size, and we’d highly recommend other Winnipeg organizations to team with Gourmet”

- Michelle F. @ MNP

Coffee For Every Workplace

More Than Just Great Coffee

From sugar & fresh dairy to cleaning supplies & paper products, our product listing has everything needed to stock your breakroom.